Statistics show that 75% of people give kudos to paid searches for helping them find information online easier.

What does this tell us?

This means that paid searches may very well be worth the investment – that is, if you know when, where, and how much exactly would be an ideal investment.

This may come at no surprise, but Las Vegas Website Designs is all for Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) when it comes to paid searches. Although there are other similar platforms, like Bing Ads for instance, nothing compares to the tool the “King of Search Engines” has launched for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Google Ads takes the win by a landslide when it comes to paid searches. Given that they get 92.05% of searches (as of August 2020), the exposure your business website can get from using Google Ads is far more promising than any other search engine in existence.

But is signing up for paid searches really as simple as one might think? Is it a “you pay and you wait for more money to come in” kind of thing?”

Not exactly. Google Ads is a PPC or Pay-Per-Click service. This means that every time someone clicks on an ad you sponsored, you get charged for it – regardless if that click has mobilized revenue flow or not. This means that you can exhaust the ad budget you’ve set for the day and still not be nowhere near your revenue goal. You might not even have any positive revenue for the day at all!

This is why a team of paid search experts is necessary to have when you launch a Google Ads campaign.

For one, there’s the bidding process. You bid for high-traffic keywords, with the highest and most competitive bid in terms of price and daily budget being awarded with the ad placement. If you are not someone who is 100% familiar with how the bidding process works and what sort of keywords would be best for your business’s purposes, you might end up losing more money than you expect to gain. Another thing is deciding on the content to use for the ad, as well as setting a realistic and practical budget for it.

All in all, it’s not something you can leave for lady luck to decide. You are paying for every click, after all. Thus, every click should count.

Las Vegas Website Designs has assembled a team of PPC and Paid Search Experts that can help you strategize your Google Ads campaign. From selecting the right keywords, to placing strategic bids and daily budgets, they can maximize the use of your resources to generate the most desirable returns.

If you want to know more about this service – how it works, what’s the timeline to expect before the ROI kicks in, etc. – you can always reach out to the Las Vegas Website Designs team for assistance. We’d love to schedule a discovery call with you and see if we’re the right fit to work together so CONTACT US any time!