5 Signs You’re Not Ready For National SEO HomeBlog

We all want our businesses to flourish. As business owners, increasing sales, forming bonds with customers, and delivering quality products and services are the three pillars the entirety of our company stands upon. But when does it start to feel like you’re rushing yourself instead of doing leaps and bounds? Did you stop and think hustling faster than what you’re capable of can potentially hurt your business? This is the reality of many of us taking part in SEO services.

Many of us found SEO companies in our journey. This service has helped us pull up plummeting revenue and diminishing online presence. These companies also stand as advisors for our next strategic step, and when they say you’re unprepared for national SEO, you better believe these professionals who know better. But what are the signs that they saw in your company to make them conclude as such? Read on and try to analyze if you fit the bill.

SEO 101: Local Vs. National

Both are used by companies as one of their main services, but did you know the difference between the two? Let’s try and tackle the similarities and differences.

Both traditional and local search engine optimization focus on giving your rankings in online search results more advantageous than other search results, so more exposure comes to your business, services, and products.

Here’s the difference between these two. While traditional search engine optimization focuses on improving your site’s presence globally, local SEO allows you to capture searchers locally in your area, thus increasing the concentration of local customers that familiarize you.

National search engine optimization and local search engine optimization use the same strategies, more or less. But Local SEO employs specialized measures to help you find customers that will eventually build your name around the city. National SEO does the same thing but merely diversifies your customers.

Signs You Aren’t Ready To Go National

Are you ready to find out why you can’t jump to national SEO just yet? Local SEO is the first stepping stone for any business. Don’t fret, as this is merely a temporary phase in your business venture, and sooner or later you’ll be able to handle its national counterpart.

  1. All Locations Are In The Same Website And Webpage

A common oversight that will cripple native visibility is inserting all location details on one webpage. To optimize effectively for every specific location, you would want another webpage that gives the power to focus on the most relevant keywords and placement within the hypertext mark-up language title and meta description. This can be undesirable with one main page serving all locations.

  1. You Have No Idea How Much Traffic Your Local SEO Gives

This might dress as something trivial. Often, you’ll conclude the service isn’t cutting it for you, or that local search engine optimization isn’t ideal for your business. Let us tell you that this isn’t far from being wrong. Local SEO has its uses in traffic, and it does bring traffic, though small. This is because this type of search engine optimization takes patience to build a solid audience and might take months to years. But still, it is worth the wait, as this will help you in the long run.

  1. Reviews For Your Company Are Hidden

Oftentimes, this may be the culprit of your slump. Not having good nor bad reviews just writes you off more of a scam company than a mediocre or bad one. And that’s even worse than the latter. Being a scam company can ultimately kill your online reputation, and word-by-mouth is much more powerful than any other review.

98% of customers check the website’s reviews first more than services and the about page. This is because most customers are wary of the many scams being online has caused them. This can lead to the conclusion that reviews are as important as your business itself, so make sure you make it visible, read them, and talk to your SEO company partnered for this journey about it.

  1. You Have Little To No Backlinks

This can be a powerful tool that many sites have used as a strategy. Backlinks, according to google, is one of the top two factors that ranks your site up. They are links from other sites that ultimately lead readers and customers to yours. With this knowledge, how can you think of doing national SEO, when you haven’t even built backlinks to your site via local SEO?

  1. 80% Of Local Customers Don’t Know Who You Are

Think of it like this. If an actor suddenly rose to fame out of nowhere, you’d be suspicious of his origins, right? Relatively, if a no-name actor is exposed in a popular film, you’ll most likely scratch your head and wonder who casted the person.

The same can be said with your business. It makes a world’s difference to be known in our city first before being exposed nationally. It adds a little shining star to your name to be called “[insert your city here]’s best”. Think about it.