Talking Numbers – 2020 Digital Marketing Stats You Should Know

It’s been over more than half a century since digital marketing found its way into businesses, advertisements, and even our everyday life, and still, it changes constantly. But these few years, mainly 2017-2020 has been of great advancement, especially in digital marketing. In fact, according to a blog from Adobe, 80% of people experienced the change to be greater these past years than it was 50 years ago. This says a lot about the era we are currently standing upon: the golden time, the peak of digital marketing.

As a part of a booming new age, you have the responsibility of being up-to-date with statistics regarding this topic. Here, we present some 2020 statistics about the digital market you are urged to learn about.

What Mobile Statistics Tell Us

20 years ago, this might be the hottest part of the article, but today it’s a natural thing to read reports about. Mobile has become embedded in our modern life that not having one can be viewed as strange and sometimes even negligent. With many news reports, shopping, and even communication stemming from technology, most specifically in mobile phones, it is natural to own one as one might own a pen inside their bag.

In a more disappointing light, it seems even in this fast-paced age, some businesses still fall short.

1 Various Web Pages’ speed time still don’t cut It

It feels like a lifetime ago when the internet and web were introduced to us, and even now, none of the various fields of marketing can deliver the optimal time of 3 seconds or less of loading time. Ironically, technology pages take the longest to load, averaging at about 11s. With this kind of speed, many people tend to click away when it reaches a 6-second mark. This can be pinned to many different reasons, one of them being mobile ads.

2 What mobile advertisers think vs what customers think

Ignorance is not always bliss. Almost 85% of mobile advertisers have concluded to deliver a great job to their customers, but not even half (46%) agreed to this statement.

3 Mobile ads superior spend in 2020

This 2019, it was found that 76% of the digital advertisement’s spend is that from mobiles. Many have anticipated it to grow twice fold this 2020.

How About Marketing Search Statistics?

Google the giant search engine was considered the frontline of digital marketing on the net before, and still is today. When you think about digital marketing, words like SEO or google algorithm pop into your head, right? Rankings, ratings, advertisements, and even the right keywords to use has been hectic for everybody since day 1 Google introduced digital marketing.

1 The average word count found in Google’s #1 result is a little over 1,800

So, it seems the belief of having crammed a million “right�? keywords in your content is the way to go. Minimalism is Google’s style.

2 The number of organic results in Google dropped from 10 to 8.5

Organic results are still numerous than inorganic, but the drop in this statistic just shows what path google is taking. Perhaps keywording and backlinking isn’t enough to rank you first in the results anymore.

3 During the last 6 months, 41% of people started using voice search

Lastly, Let’s Take A Look At Email Marketing Statistics

Email is still used by many businesses as a way of advertising and communicating even in the golden era of 2020. Excluding the fact that the spam folder gets a little glitchy sometimes, email is a great way to gain old customers back to make a repeat purchase.

1 There are 3.9 billion email users today, and almost 300 million emails being sent daily.

This staggering statistic is surprising to most of us. In an age where we voice-search our google searches and have virtual video meetings, it might have been normal to have email diminish in significance. Quite the contrary, as technology begins to advance, so does email catch up despite it being the most old fashioned way of digital communication.

2 For a $1 spent on an email marketing, you might expect a return of $42

A well-thought-out email can bring you revenue just as much as any face-to-face sales venture will. Emphasis on “well-thought-out?.

3 Personalized Emails get 50% higher open rates

The average open rate for an email is 20.81%, but studies show that personalizing your email will have a 50% more chance of being opened. It just shows that customer-centric companies and those that familiarize their clients get more customers and re-purchases too.