Top Influencers To Follow On Social Media If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing

The internet is now considered as one of the most influential pieces of technology that humanity has ever developed. It has evolved from simple local transmission of data to a worldwide conglomeration of thoughts, opinions, ideas, and facts. For the people who are new to this, it can be overwhelming to know and see its potential. Meanwhile, most of us seem like this technology has been around ever since we were born and have already mastered it.

Social Media As A Powerful Tool

One of the main players in the world online is social media. It is rather influential since most people in the world already have one or two registered accounts in every type of application. There are even studies mentioning that it can be an addicting experience to be in them, and they are designed to do so.

No matter the moral implications of said statement, it is undeniable how many people cling to this virtual paradise. You can now interact with your favorite celebrities, sports icons, politicians, religious figures, etc., as well as with other normal people as well.

However, if you want to learn something, you need to follow the right people. Of course, the main purpose of these websites and applications is to entertain their users. You can always follow those influencers who dance and act out in front of you for your enjoyment. If you want to learn something else though, like digital marketing, you might need to find someone else. There are thousands of dentists across the USA that hire a dental seo firm because they specialize specifically in search engine optimization techniques for that industry. Below are some people that you can follow on social media if you want to know more about that particular topic.

Influencers Worth Checking Out

Neil Patel
If you have ever dealt with search engine optimization, then you know this guy. He is one of the premier personalities in the world of digital marketing and SEO because of his easy-to-learn approach. You can easily understand some of the more complicated concepts in the field because of his well-written and thought-of blog posts. You can see it on his website, and he also uses all of the advice he gives to other people on his work.

Jeff Bullas
When it comes to influencing though, one of the top influencers for this area of business is Jeff Bullas. You can also consider him as the influencer of marketing influencers because of his range of work. This includes various topics like management, entrepreneurship, and other pertinent areas in the business. You can visit his website to learn more about him but social media like Twitter is his best buddy these days.

Ann Handley
Ann Hadley came to the scene as an effective writer for business. Her work Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content is considered as a Wall Street Journal bestseller. She has also created Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business with C.C. Chapman. Hadley is also the owner of the website MarketingProfs, which has created a community of all types of marketing professionals to share their insights and learnings in the business. Her works aim to empower young entrepreneurs in their goals of market dominance.

Joe Pulizzi
Mr. Pulizzi is a well-known entrepreneur and marketing professional who has founded the Content Marketing Institute. It is one of the most popular go-to websites for other professionals to peruse content that is timely and has everything that you need to formulate your content and strategy. You can also check out some of his books like Epic Content Marketing, which is considered as an essential read for any aspiring marketers. Aside from this, he has also created a foundation for children’s speech therapy called The Orange Effect.

Madalyn Sklar
When it comes to social media, Madalyn Sklar is considered as one of the queens. She has connections to these websites long before they were even popular, and she has already understood their potential. One of her main focuses these days is Twitter, and she is passionate about the website. In turn, she has created a #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat and it aims to connect other people on the platform. For a one-hour session, she teaches the aspects that you can take advantage of in this particular app for your marketing needs.

Social media might be one of the best inventions that humanity has ever done online. However, it has more potential than just being a site for your memes and videos. You can turn this amalgamation of colors and information into a lucrative business venture. If you are waiting for a single spark, then you should already start now. The internet never waits for anyone, so you should ride its possibilities while you still can.

Talking Numbers – 2020 Digital Marketing Stats You Should Know

It’s been over more than half a century since digital marketing found its way into businesses, advertisements, and even our everyday life, and still, it changes constantly. But these few years, mainly 2017-2020 has been of great advancement, especially in digital marketing. In fact, according to a blog from Adobe, 80% of people experienced the change to be greater these past years than it was 50 years ago. This says a lot about the era we are currently standing upon: the golden time, the peak of digital marketing.

As a part of a booming new age, you have the responsibility of being up-to-date with statistics regarding this topic. Here, we present some 2020 statistics about the digital market you are urged to learn about.

What Mobile Statistics Tell Us

20 years ago, this might be the hottest part of the article, but today it’s a natural thing to read reports about. Mobile has become embedded in our modern life that not having one can be viewed as strange and sometimes even negligent. With many news reports, shopping, and even communication stemming from technology, most specifically in mobile phones, it is natural to own one as one might own a pen inside their bag.

In a more disappointing light, it seems even in this fast-paced age, some businesses still fall short.

1 Various Web Pages’ speed time still don’t cut It

It feels like a lifetime ago when the internet and web were introduced to us, and even now, none of the various fields of marketing can deliver the optimal time of 3 seconds or less of loading time. Ironically, technology pages take the longest to load, averaging at about 11s. With this kind of speed, many people tend to click away when it reaches a 6-second mark. This can be pinned to many different reasons, one of them being mobile ads.

2 What mobile advertisers think vs what customers think

Ignorance is not always bliss. Almost 85% of mobile advertisers have concluded to deliver a great job to their customers, but not even half (46%) agreed to this statement.

3 Mobile ads superior spend in 2020

This 2019, it was found that 76% of the digital advertisement’s spend is that from mobiles. Many have anticipated it to grow twice fold this 2020.

How About Marketing Search Statistics?

Google the giant search engine was considered the frontline of digital marketing on the net before, and still is today. When you think about digital marketing, words like SEO or google algorithm pop into your head, right? Rankings, ratings, advertisements, and even the right keywords to use has been hectic for everybody since day 1 Google introduced digital marketing.

1 The average word count found in Google’s #1 result is a little over 1,800

So, it seems the belief of having crammed a million “right�? keywords in your content is the way to go. Minimalism is Google’s style.

2 The number of organic results in Google dropped from 10 to 8.5

Organic results are still numerous than inorganic, but the drop in this statistic just shows what path google is taking. Perhaps keywording and backlinking isn’t enough to rank you first in the results anymore.

3 During the last 6 months, 41% of people started using voice search

Lastly, Let’s Take A Look At Email Marketing Statistics

Email is still used by many businesses as a way of advertising and communicating even in the golden era of 2020. Excluding the fact that the spam folder gets a little glitchy sometimes, email is a great way to gain old customers back to make a repeat purchase.

1 There are 3.9 billion email users today, and almost 300 million emails being sent daily.

This staggering statistic is surprising to most of us. In an age where we voice-search our google searches and have virtual video meetings, it might have been normal to have email diminish in significance. Quite the contrary, as technology begins to advance, so does email catch up despite it being the most old fashioned way of digital communication.

2 For a $1 spent on an email marketing, you might expect a return of $42

A well-thought-out email can bring you revenue just as much as any face-to-face sales venture will. Emphasis on “well-thought-out?.

3 Personalized Emails get 50% higher open rates

The average open rate for an email is 20.81%, but studies show that personalizing your email will have a 50% more chance of being opened. It just shows that customer-centric companies and those that familiarize their clients get more customers and re-purchases too.

The Digital Switch: How Coronavirus Is Giving Rise To Ecommerce Marketing

It can be considered an understatement to say that the world is changing rapidly. For one thing, almost every aspect of humanity has been studied extensively. It has been to the point that researchers have to go back and see what their predecessors have missed. This is why so many people believed that the society of today is unshakeable and would persevere. The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of that, or you can say that the rapid changes of before went to a full stop and accelerated to a new level.

The internet has been the hub of businesspeople for the longest time, and most companies have transitioned into the virtual world. However, it was not the priority for many since most people can still go out and do the transactions in physical stores, especially with smaller businesses. When the quarantine orders dropped, this is when most people realized that we need the internet more than ever. As we can only communicate through social media, this became the new normal.

This has led to the rise of e-commerce, a branch of marketing and commercial business that deals sorely through online basis. It has already existed long before this pandemic started, and many people opted to use it as well since it is a lot more convenient. However, there are a lot of changes that this coronavirus has introduced, some of them might not be for good. Still, there is some light at the end of the tunnel since many businesses are finding success in e-commerce.

Some Changes That Are Hard To Ignore

Delivery Is Now A Necessity
As we have mentioned before, it is already a necessity for many businesses to do delivery. Specifically, this is rather applicable to merchandising and the food industry. It has already existed before, with bigger conglomerates like Amazon and McDonald’s already catering to those staying at home. The pandemic just made it more crucial to have them for your services.

Speaking of which, the service sector is the ones who are hit more by this pandemic. However, many owners had to be creative to still deliver in these trying times. For example, home services became a thing for some and live streaming or video-making became the norm for the others as long as it is applicable.

Simpler Websites Are The Norm Now
It can be tempting to overload your website with everything that you think the customer might need. This would translate to more sales, right? However, many research articles state that this might turn away more customers because they do not want to see more content without value. This is the reason why it is better to highlight some of your products than putting everything at once. It would not just be more palatable to the customers, but it would be better for your output.

The Fall Of Physical Stores
This might sound like an exaggeration, but you have already seen many local businesses close because they cannot have walk-in customers anymore. This is not the death of physical stores though, since some can still sustain through the pandemic. However, you need to adjust and the first two options can be a way to branch out your business with other ventures. On the other hand, it might be a wise decision to think about the land that you might be renting on since you can probably do without it.

Rapid Changes In Trends
It was also discussed that the trends that we are seeing these days are changing, but it can be hard to imagine how fast it can be. Before this pandemic, most trends in any field tend to last for months, but these days anything can be outdated within a week. This gives a lot of chances for many start-ups and younger companies to ride into success. However, the real challenge starts when you need to adapt quickly to the situation.

Preparation For The Future
This should have been a priority even before the pandemic happened since it is a wise choice. However, it has been highlighted in this pandemic because of its unpredictability. We cannot easily know what is going to happen in the future as with e-commerce. Even though it is the hot new thing, there are certain changes inside this trend that can affect the entirety of the movement. As a company or business, it would be your strategy to remain relevant yet fresh and productive.

The New World

It can be safe to assume that the pandemic has changed the world permanently. We now view the past year as if it was the past century. Now, we have to live with an entirely new world but we can still survive. As long as we can adapt to the situation, we can surely overcome the challenges of the pandemic.