First impressions do last – tested and proven fact. While the content of your website matters a lot, it’s the look and feel of your site that will reel users in at first glance. Still not too convinced? Let me tell you something about bounce rates.

Any website with a bounce rate equal to or more than 70 percent of the total site visitors, you’re already hanging on thin thread. As a rule of thumb, you would only want a bounce rate of anywhere 20 to 50 percent. With 20, of course, being the most excellent and 50 being the average. Anything over that, especially for business websites, is a huge cause for worry.

It prompts you to ask yourself: What is making people leave as soon as they come?

The answer, more often than not, is much simpler than you think. In fact, it’s visible in plain sight.

You guessed it! It could be a problem with your website design. A design that is too dull, too distracting, or too disorganized can potentially lead to higher bounce rates. Poor website design is right next to turtle speed, privacy issues, and site errors in the list of “things that make users flee a website.” So, if your bounce rates are notably high with no clear reason why, take another look at your website and ask yourself: Is this a business I want to spend money on?

If you’re thinking 50-50 or “No, even I wouldn’t gamble a penny on this website,” then one thing is certain. It’s time to consider a website revamp.

Las Vegas Website Designs brings you affordable, efficient, and beautiful website designs that will surely captivate your market. More than just the physical look of the site, our team of expert web designers make sure that your interface is carefully assembled in a way that makes it pleasing to the eyes, easy to use, and accommodating of all types of users – regardless of age, tech-savviness, and other factors that may affect a person’s usage of the site.

Say no to having users bounce right off your website as soon as they come. Instead, allure them with an eye-catching and highly welcoming website design that’ll make them go back again and again. If you want to know more about this service, we would be more than happy to accommodate you thru call or email. Please head on down to our CONTACT US page to know how you can reach us. You might want to check out our other digital marketing services as well, while you’re at it!